Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Learning Life Leasons

 Sage is growing so fast. We've only had her 16 days but can already see how much bigger she is.  She is still not house broken but I think that's mostly our fault. We're so busy sometimes we forget that she is still a baby. She just can't hold it very long. Poor little thing. She's smart but stubborn. Now, when we take her outside, she wants to stay and explore. Last week, as soon as we put her down outside she made a beeline for the door. This week the world isn't such a scary place and there's lots of fun things to do. There's worms to stick your nose on and then bark at because they wiggle. There's bunny poop to eat (if you can grab it before the humans get to you). There's the big dogs to chase. Digging's pretty fun and so is watching squirrels. So, we've had to get her a collar and lead so she can learn some manners and to come when she's called. She doesn't mind the collar so much but being attached to the lead is just not right, in her book. We just put it on her yesterday and this is as far as we have gotten so far.
Which evolves into this before long.

But before you think she is being abused this is how she usually waits for her breakfast or takes a nap if she can sucker Danny or, sometimes, our friend Don into it.  Here she was waiting for breakfast and was just too tired to stay awake.

Here, all the other fur babies were fed and her breakfast was ready. She woke up instantly.   

My next post will be about a setback on the tiny house and the progress we have made.                                                                                                              


  1. She is absolutely trusting. Adorable!!

  2. Thank you! I think she is going to be one of those calm dogs. I look in her mouth and ears and handle her feet on a daily basis. I want her to be comfortable with all of that for nail trimming and vet visits.