Sunday, March 18, 2012

Building Counters and Fixing Crappy Refinishing Work

I sort of left you hanging while we talked about Sage the Parvo survivor and days off and making soap and such. But, I'm excited about the progress on the tiny house and wanted to show you what has been going on. A lot of what we havehad to do has been fixing totally crappy refinishing work from the last few remodels on the house. I don't know of it was incompetence or laziness but most of it is horrible.

The counter that's going to be between the kitchen and living room is coming along nicely. As a matter of fact it's almost done except for the top. I've thought about using tile for the top but can't find anything  in our price range that I like. So we've decided to use regular laminate. We are going to do it ourselves to save money and because it's a nonstandard size.
                                                                       Anyway, here is the base going together:

This is the living room side. There will be a door on this side. A little unconventional, I admit, but better than trying to access a deep around the corner cabnet space that's under the counter top  from the kitchen side. Especially since there will be an eight inch counter top overhang on that side. I've designed it that way for knee room if the renter doesn't want to fit a table somewhere in the tiny living room or smaller kitchen.

This is the kitchen side and base. If it works out the way we expect we are going to round off the corners of the top for easier passage. I really hate sharp corners digging into my sides. The doors have to be made yet. All of this comes apart to put the flooring in place. I'll get it primed and painted while it's in pieces

This box descending from the ceiling in one of the bedrooms was very large for the area. A cube, about 2' X 2', with the bottom only 5' above the floor it was an awkward obstacle in the small room. Danny figured out it was covering the vent that goes into the laundry area on the other side of the wall.  
When we took it apart this is what we found. A lot of wasted space making an already small room even smaller.
So this is what we did. You can see, by the white walls that were under the boxed in area how much smaller we made the cover. Since it's also now angled and no longer hanging out in the room the space under it becomes usable again. The BOX IN THE CORNER no longer dominates the room. We'll cover the plywood with a bit of paneling and it'll get painted along with the rest of the walls and will almost disappear. At the very least it will be out of the way.  It's difficult to immagine what the "remodlers" who originally built the cover like that were thinking. 

It's getting late and I'm tired. I hope to show you the problem we found when we checked under some buckled paneling in a post tomorrow. Again, it was from an improperly installed furnace duct leaking rain into a wall. There has been a surprising amount of shoddy work done on this poor little house. Fortunately, none of it did extensive damage that can't be fixed.

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