Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's tough being Sage.

I'm sure Sage would be the first to tell you how tough it is being Sage.

"All the other dogs are jealous and they never want to play no matter how many times you ask. The kitties get so tense about a little tail pulling or when you try to join in on their wrestling.  You get scolded for the least little thing like a tiny little puddle on the floor just because you just came in from outside and really didn't have time to take care of business out there because there's so many things to do outside. The humans get so excited when you try to follow that interesting scent under the house. They're funny.  Sometimes, tho', you really need to get inside so quickly that you have to run to the door with your ears back so you can hear what's behind you. But that only happens when the big dogs bark or that screechy thing in the woods hollars. And you can't play with anything. Really, that electrical cord was just laying there. What's the point of the lamp cord if you're not supposed to pull on it? There was no need for the swat on the nose with the fingers and being pushed away and being called a bad dog. And if you're not supposed to chew on the firewood then it shouldn't be laying on the floor.
 Cat's are just way too snooty, laying up where you can't reach them and looking at you and then you get fussed at when you bark at 'em. They only play chase for a little while then they turn around and hiss right in your face and your nose almost winds up in their mouth because you didn't really have enough time to stop. Yuck! Did you know kitty breath smells like fish!?                 

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