Thursday, March 8, 2012

Charming Sage and Saggy Ceilings

It didn't take Sage long to completely charm our friend, Don. He's helping us on the little house and saw Sage for the first time  since she has recovered. And within a few minutes this is where she was.

Snuggled up against his side under his coat, it didn't take long before her little head started to droop and her little eyes started to close. This is how she finished waiting for her breakfast.

Actually, one of our older dogs, Toby, really likes this new puppy. Toby is maybe 13 or 14 years old. He's arthritic and sometimes just doesn't feel very good but has always enjoyed playing with our two little six year old terrier type dogs (also rescues, but, then, so was Toby). I think, however, that Toby thinks Sage is a toy. A really fun toy. It's good for him to get all this extra exercise and he is having such a good time with her.

Danny and Don got the support beam up between the living room and the kitchen yesterday and today. It looks pretty good and has helped the ceiling tremendously. I'm pretty sure the half wall that was there was originally a full wall with a doorway between the kitchen and living room. Remember this house was built in 1940 when most rooms had walls between them. Anyway, whoever did the remodeling was really bad and didn't know much about what they were doing. They cut the wall down and didn't put anything in for support. It's a bearing wall which means that it's supposed to support part of the weight of the roof. Over the years with the wall removed and no brace installed the ceiling started to sag. They got most of the bow out but we are hesitant to try for more. We don't know what kind of damage forcing it further might do.
 The original ceiling was drywall with insulation above it. For some reason someone decided that 12x12 acoustical tile would be better so they put that up. Unfortunately, they didn't bother to take the drywall down and drywall is heavy. That was adding to the sag overhead. It's taken care of now but I am going to have to work a support beam into my plans for the counter between the two rooms. And painted and trimmed up the overhead beam will just become part of the charm of the cottage. 

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