Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tea Cups and Gunsmoke

We vintage sellers are basically recyclers of "stuff". In our never ending  quest for things to offer for sale in our shops we always have an eye out for some else's "this old thing". (As in - "What am I going to do with this old thing?") We find the "stuff" (not junk --- treasures) that other people just want to get rid of, get out of their way, and offer it to other people who have been looking for just that certain treasure. As in our shop at

Our finds are often beautiful - like this Royal Sealy teacup - a happy find for collectors or just lovers of beautiful things.

Or they evoke memories of running in from evening play to watch another installment of  a thrilling adventure from Hollywood's imagination.

Sometimes, we can offer memories of summer picnics next to a lake or in a sunny glade in the woods. The kind eaten while seated on a blanket on the ground.                

And once in a while we find something that speaks of a time before most of us can remember. A dazzling age that we only read about and admire the style.
I didn't get to keep this beautiful Art Deco bar caddy very long but am very happy it found a home with people who appreciate it's beauty and unique quality.


  1. I love the colors in that tea cup!

  2. So do I Lise. It's really a gorgeous piece. One of the few I almost kept for myself. I'm sort of glad it sold so quickly or it might be in my cabinet right now. If I could find the room. :-}