Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's Time To Start Anew

We live in the country in South Central Missouri outside of a small town. The county road that goes past our driveway is gravel and we can’t see the neighbors house. Like so many other people who are trying to make ends meet our small business is rather diversified. We have three, soon to be four, online stores. We, also, have a tiny rental house in town. 

Our family consists of eight cats and seven dogs. A couple of goats and some chickens round out the herd. 

All of our animals needed homes when they came to us. At some point I will probably do a post on the extreme contempt I hold for people who abuse and/or throw away the helpless beings in life. 

The rental house was occupied by a nice lady for almost a year, but she, unfortunately, became ill and had to give it up. We have been doing some repair and remodeling work on it ever since and hope to have it ready to rent again soon. It goes slowly - my husband is disabled and there are many other claims on our time so we only work on the house as we can. As I write this we helped friends with electrical problems repair them today and tomorrow I drive another friend to a doctor’s appointment in St Louis, 4 hours away. I did some posts when we first bought the house and were doing the initial remodeling. The emphasis of this blog then was on the house and getting it ready. And on the staving puppy we found on the first day we went there after we took possession. We have come a long way since then. Mostly we just have to do surface stuff now on the house and the starving puppy weighs 40 pounds. 

Our online stores are,, and

SeventhChild is our handmade and vintage jewelry shop. I make jewelry, rather pretty and unique if I do say so myself, and make punched tin panels for wall hangings or pie safe restoration. I also hand engrave glass but I don’t have much of that listed right now. We make soap and shampoo bars. As soon as cool weather gets here we will be listing a wonderful body butter I’ve developed. We have to wait for cool weather because it has no preservatives or chemicals in it and it just doesn’t ship well in the heat. Finally we have some rather nice pieces of vintage jewelry.  

7thStash has art, craft, hobby, and sewing patterns as well as lace and fabric. I’ve just started listing some jewelry making books. There are also a few tools for jewelry making. 

NakedBones has, well, bones. Goat and horse to be exact. My sister’s horse that died a few years ago, of natural causes, and some of our pet goats that have died. We are not sentimental at all about bones. What made these loved creatures unique didn’t reside in their bones. They don’t need them anymore and neither do we so we are selling them. Also, we list a lot of found metal objects. Rusty bits and pieces for recycling and use in jewelry and art work. Assemblage, robot art, steampunk, outsider art, etc. Also, containers for primitive or rustic planters. 

As soon as we can manage to get it up and stocked we will be opening our vintage shop, SundayzChild, also on Etsy. It will have a lot of teapots and Ruby Glass among other vintage glass wear. 

Our interests are many and varied and I tend to write about whatever has caught my interest in the moment so it’s hard telling just what will pop up here. 

I've added the picture of the earrings at the top of the page because I'm very proud of the way they turned out. They are elegant in their simplicity and very attractive. Long sterling silver chains fall to the gorgeous Picasso Czech glass beads. Lots of subdued color and flash here. They are available from my shop  SeventhChild on Etsy.

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  1. Welcome back to blog land, Becky! Nice post and the earrings are lovely!