Monday, February 27, 2012

Introduction and Stuff.

My husband and I live on a farm in very rural South Central Missouri. We have a couple of goats to keep the brush down and some chickens for eggs. We also have eight cats and six dogs that are family to us. Our garden provides produce which we enjoy fresh, in season, and put by (can/freeze/dry) for the rest of the year.

Danny works on computers and does the mechanical work on our vehicles and farm equipment. He also takes care of any problems and repairs on our furnace and a/c, any plumbing work, and carpentry that’s needed. He was disabled by a heart attack and had a quadruple by-pass years ago. What he isn’t physically able to handle now he can direct others to do. Because he has a defibrillator he is no longer able to weld so is teaching me to do that. I wanted to learn anyway because I want to make garden trellises. We have someone who comes in to help when there is something that we can’t handle together.

I am building and maintain our online businesses. One shop, SeventhChild, is for my unique handmade jewelry and hand engraved glass. I even have a couple pieces of my punched metal work there. Then there’s our 7thStash shop where I have craft and art books, craft and sewing patterns, and a few supplies. Also, I am building a vintage shop, SundayzChild, that will have glassware, crockery, material, notions, and odds and ends. Eventually, there will also be Ruby Glass and collectable Tea Pots available. These are all on Etsy. I am the president of our local Farmer’s Market which will be starting up the first Saturday in April. This year Danny and I will be selling our handmade soap, a few herb plants, my heavy wire hooks, in various lengths, for hanging plants and feeders in trees or where ever, maybe some of our free range non GMO eggs, and other things that we make.

We both garden, make the soap, and tend to the animals and chickens.

We came to the conclusion, last year, that we needed to increase our income with something that was reliable and steady. We decided to buy a rental house in town and found one that we liked last Fall. It's a tiny house. 564 square feet. 

The tiny house we bought for a rental property.
When I'm finished with it I want it to be cottage cute and am looking forward to making it that way.

So, this will be about the process of buying the house from HUD (an exercise in frustration and perseverance) and turning it into a cute little comfortable home for someone to rent. We’ll be replacing flooring and doing a little remodeling. There’s an old flue that needs to come out and we’re going to replace a wall with a counter between the little kitchen and the living room. I'm considering different options for the kitchen counter tops now. I may go with ceramic tile. There’s a bit of building and some repair outside that we need to do and a lot of painting and cleaning inside and out. Also, I’ll probably write a little about the other things we do, our fur family and other animals, the work we’re doing on the house we live in, our garden, projects, artwork, crafts, other adventures.

I'm just getting the hang of adding pictures to this so I will be adding more soon.


  1. That is a cute house! I wouldn't mind living there.

  2. It's got a huge yard in a quiet neighborhood. The deck is on the North and East sides of the house so is in the shade during the hottest part of the day in the summer. I'm tearing out a wall inside to open it up between the living room and the kitchen. I think it's going to work really well.